Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to Islam for Youth


I hope and pray that these words bring about much inspiration and learning to whoever may come across this page.

However, the main purpose of this zone is to address issues facing Muslim Youth in the West that are perhaps difficult to discuss with others or maybe there is not that much info out there on the web where most youth are today!

I will be writing from the unique perspective of having having been born and raised in the big Western city of Toronto as well as being married, having kids, graduating from uni, owning a business, and more - all in my youth years. I am still considered a youth by the way by most definitions. Because as we know, most 24 year olds today in North America, have not been married 5yrs or have multiple children.

This place will also be one where anyone can come and learn the basics of the beautiful religion of Islam, and more importantly an explanation of these beauties. Because lets face it, to really understand something, the 'why' is often more important than the 'what'.

I will be adding things daily so hang in there!
I hope we have a beautiful journey of learning together!


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